An Alternate Reality

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In the Silence

In the silence
            there is nothing
            and everything.
In the silence
            Divine Breath speaks
            by saying nothing at all.
In the silence
            all things drift away
            and yet the emptiness is full.
In the silence
            I find myself
            by losing myself.
All there is,
            all there will ever be, already exists
            in the silence.


Modern Living

Life is a circle.
Spinning round and round we go,
getting nowhere, fast.

Spring Rain

See the saturated clouds
flinging off their excess
so they can float
freely in the heavy air.

See the mighty maple
casting off its seedling bundles,
weak and hearty alike
given to their fate and the will of God.

See the timid chipmunk
scurrying out of the downspout
finally realizing
that its safe, warm nest is not the shelter it sought.

See me, discovering some hidden bravery,
throwing off my winter of angst
and allowing myself to bask in the joy
of the spring rain.


How do I surrender to change?

How do I let go of fear,
to see the possibility
and beauty
that may come?

Like spring leaves
Like greening grass
Like downy bunnies
Like returning songbirds

My broken heart,
surrounded by the thin mesh fibers
of hope and joy,
holding it together,

how can I trust it?

How can I not?

23 Years Ago

23 years ago my life changed forever
23 years ago I had nowhere to turn
23 years ago I had to deal with tragedy
23 years ago I lost my father

3 years ago the unfathomable happened
3 years ago my life changed irreparably
3 years ago I faced something I couldn’t 20 years before
3 years ago I watched my mother die

Now I have sorrow and nostalgia I never knew I’d face
Now I have tender scars that never will quite heal
Now I have the wisdom to know that life goes on
Now, perhaps, I have the strength and courage to face what’s yet to come


Questions…and answers?

I ask, why?

But the grass doesn’t ask

            it just yearns to grow

                        and does.


 I ask, what’s it all for?

But the birds don’t care

            they just reach out to each other

                        in song.


 I ask if anything I do really matters.

But the wind and the trees

            and the rocks just shrug at me

                        And laugh.


Existence doesn’t ask.

It just is.

And so am I.

A Mother’s Final Promise

When your heart is set to bursting
and the tears can’t help but flow
when you bow your head repeating
all the calming prayers you know

When your eyes can’t see the sunshine
and your ears can’t hear the songs
when you’ve had no joy for sometime
and you’ve lost where you belong

When you need to feel a warm heart
when you think you’ll never mend
know you’ve always been my best part
and that part will never end.