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What makes you so happy, little winged ones?
What fills your hearts with songs?

Is it the morning sun?
Is it the offered seeds?

Are you singing to your mates,
or your chicks, or your God?

I wish I could understand you,
so I too could sing a joyful morningsong.

Self Portrait in Haiku

I love the morning
streams full of joyful music
but currents run deep

Ironic Juxtaposition

Next to the rumble of the traffic
and the clatter of a train
and the chatter of humanity
I hear the birds.


Autumn arrives with a wave of summer air.
But the leaves know, and the geese understand.

Morning glories are still blooming.
But the trees are waving goodbye.

Thunderstorms rumble.
But blizzards hover just north of warm.

This change of seasons is gradual.
But all at once I’ll notice that darkness rules.

Winter’s coming is on the horizon.
But for now, I’ll enjoy the anticipation.

On Meditation

Leave the frantic mind in the fields, like wild ponies.
Then come and sit here in the shade and silence.

Of Mourning Doves and Morning Glories

How gently it sways upon the wire
How watchfully, oh bird of mourning
Looking down upon the flower
Purple star of different morning

Glories both in juxtaposing
One the lower, one the higher
Heralds of the Present Holy
Joy of day and finest hour

Two sides of all nature’s blessings
Embodying both bliss and sorrow
In my own heart find relenting
That I too will know their power

Birds of a Feather

whistling whippoorwill
singing starling
hovering hawk
placid penguin
busy blackbird
outraged owl
hurried hummingbird
mesmerized me

A Poem about Writing Poems

Some are driven
Some just walk
Some are given
Some just talk

Some are easy
Some are hard
Some are breezy
Some are charred

Some rhymes matter
Rhythms smooth
Some just clatter
Unfinished, crude

But, however I unfold them
Not matter what they say
The words still form a poem
at the end of a long day.

Winter’s Rest

Winter resting
huddled warm
nothing to plan
no place to go 

Forgotten, worries
sorrows, numb
just here waiting
the rest will come

Questions…and answers?

I ask, why?

But the grass doesn’t ask

            it just yearns to grow

                        and does.


 I ask, what’s it all for?

But the birds don’t care

            they just reach out to each other

                        in song.


 I ask if anything I do really matters.

But the wind and the trees

            and the rocks just shrug at me

                        And laugh.


Existence doesn’t ask.

It just is.

And so am I.