An Alternate Reality

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Just living
Just loving
Just serving
Just sharing
is it enough?

Just being happy
Just seeing other’s joy
Just having heart
Just caring
is it enough?

Just hoping
Just wondering
Just accepting
Just being
is it enough?

But what else is there?
So, enough is enough!

The Music of the Universe

We all sing the Music of the Universe.
Our very cells vibrate with the rhythm of creation.
Our heartbeats, our breath, resonate with the same hum
as quarks and quasars.

We are all notes in the same song,
perfectly tuned, even in our dissonance.

Can you hear the soaring melody?
Can you feel its deepest thrumming?

It is in silence that we hear it most clearly.
It is in the core of our being that we find its pulsing beat.

If we just let ourselves sway with the lilting of creation,
if we just let ourselves hear and sing along,
we will finally find our place in the grand orchestra,
and we will be harmonically blended with all that is.

Darkness – and Light

I cry out for a Reason, what is this all for?
I beg for an answer – only silence once more.

So, I’m left in this valley of hopeless despair,
And pray to a God that I’m not sure is there.

And yet, I am still here. I move and I breathe,
The sun still shines through the hard ice that I see.

So, although I can’t think of a reason to be,
“I AM”, and my life is that sacred Mystery.

Many Faces of Me

I weep
I rage
I laugh
I grieve

I know
I see
I hope
I believe

I seek
I pray
I wonder
I strive

I care
I treasure
I hold
I try

to be just one me.