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Where are you now?

For Joanne on the death of her long time partner, Bill

Where are you now,
my love, my friend, my dear companion?

Where are you now,
without pain, without burden?

Where are you now,
in a fresh new existence?

Where are you now,
when I miss you so badly?

Where are you now,
besides here in my heart and memories forever?

A Life Well Lived

Lingering or sudden
too early or long overdue
when the Mystery calls
all of us must answer.

We can weep and wail
protesting our fate
burying the joy along with the body
and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Or we can celebrate
letting the innumerable memories
tie us together forever
into Eternity.

And we can hold our
lost ones in our love
looking forward and saying
This is a life well lived!