An Alternate Reality

Archive for April, 2018


I look around and wonder
what’s it all about?
It all seems pointless.

Change is constant, yet nothing changes.
Death and life and death again.
It all seems pointless.

In the light, there are no stars.
In the darkness there are no shadows.
It all seems pointless.

I work, I wait,
I eat, I cry
Pointless, pointless, pointless.

And then an oriole appears outside my window.
The barren tree branches hold their arms up to the sky,
Potential lying just beyond their reach.

And somehow I am shown
that just because I don’t see the point in living
doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

It just means that I am blind.

A Springtime Lament

April showers bring May flowers,
but what do April snows bring?

The waiting is getting tiresome.
Spring knocks, but winter refuses to let it in.

So, I huddle in my blanket,
with my white sandals in my hand,

longing for the moment
when I am free to put them on.