An Alternate Reality

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Missing Home. Missing Me.

I wonder if this is what beginning Alzheimer’s feels like? Nothing is quite familiar. Even the things you’ve had for years seem slightly askew. So you cling to something that finally reminds you of home. Like a picture of flowers or the cover of a book. And for an instant, you remember. For an instant, you feel like yourself before it fades into the reality – into the new reality.

I wander these rooms, looking for the familiar, looking for me somewhere in the new paint and the arrangement of my old furniture. I touch the bedspread. Pick up a dragon statue. Searching for a texture, a scent, a color.

Who am I now? I somehow got lost in the moving boxes. And I wonder if I’ll ever make it home again.

Rainbows in Unexpected Places

Rainbows in unexpected places
            on a wall
            or a window sill. 

Or in the discovery of fireflies
            in the back yard. 

When the storm seems darkest
When the cloud’s heaviness
            presses on the soul, 

Don’t be surprised to see
            rainbows in unexpected places
            in the hand of a stranger
            or the unabashed wonder of a child.