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One Brown Sock

Where do they go?
Nobody knows.
I think the dryer
feeds on clothes
and my brown socks.

I put two in
the other day
and somehow one
was whisked away
without a trace.

Did UFOs
slyly descend
to cart it off
before the end
of the fluff cycle?

Or maybe there’s
a deep black hole
where wet brown socks
and monsters go
when we’re not looking.

Alas, a mystery
it’s true
So now I’m wearing
one dark blue
and one brown sock.

A Springtime Lament

April showers bring May flowers,
but what do April snows bring?

The waiting is getting tiresome.
Spring knocks, but winter refuses to let it in.

So, I huddle in my blanket,
with my white sandals in my hand,

longing for the moment
when I am free to put them on.

Snow Bird

Those little birds that brave the cold,
their bodies puffed with feathers,
they huddle close beneath the bows
of pines in frozen weather.

Those silly things, didn’t they know
to fly south for the season?
But if there’s food and shelter here
I guess that’s enough reason.

I have food and shelter too.
Is that why I’m not going
to where the sunny beaches bake
and blue waters are flowing?

I guess that I’ll just brave the cold,
my body puffed with flannel.
I’ll sip hot chocolate from a mug,
and watch the shopping channel.

A Little Thought for the Day

If life isn’t working as specified,
just reboot.


(from my 2015 Journal)

I killed a bug today.
I apologized, but still, I took a life.
Some would say that doesn’t count,
that bugs don’t count.
But I think they do.
They deserve consideration.
So, I’m sorry, bug,
some things just can’t be helped.

A Random Thought…

There was no leap day this year,
I wonder what I missed…

Unpleasant Surprises

Something is leaving unpleasant surprises in my lawn.
Dog or cat or groundhog or coyote?
Whatever it is, it’s hard to see before I step on it or run it over with the mower.

Something is leaving unpleasant surprises in my refrigerator.
Molding or rotting or souring or freezer burned?
Whatever is it, it’s hard to see before I open the container and let out the ick.

Something is leaving unpleasant surprises in my life.
Boredom or stress or illness or death?
Whatever it is, it’s hard to see before I fall into its depression.

Now that I know what might be waiting,
Maybe I need to be more aware,
So I don’t fall, eat or step into any more

Unpleasant Surprises.