An Alternate Reality

Autumn Musings

As autumn arrives
and the leaves begin to fall
I think of all my leaves
that need to be shed.

Some easily flit away.
Some are stuck fast.

And I wonder why,
why does so much change,
why is this time of life so hard,
why am I here at all?

Spring is the time for hope.
Summer is the time for growth.
Winter is the time for rest.
But, Autumn is the time for musings.

Comments on: "Autumn Musings" (2)

  1. Yes, it certainly is the time for musing things over. Ending summer things and preparing for the best winter possible. Literally and metaphorically. I’m starting to focus on cozy industry, choosing projects that are enjoyable in their own right but also have plenty of space and time for enjoying pleasure and comforts along the way.

  2. That is the perfect preparation!!

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