An Alternate Reality

A Walk on the Wild Side

She watched the world from the big picture window. Her universe lay in two trees, a stubbly lawn, a short strip of asphalt. And yet, so much traversed that narrow scope.

Brown sparrows, yellow orioles, red cardinals peppered the tree branches. A rare hawk found a quiet perch. Squirrels and chipmunks chased up and down the trunks. Cats sauntered past. Rabbits scampered through the grass. A occasional groundhog waddled its way across the road.

And people. Kids on bikes. Families pushing baby strollers. Elderly companions out for a walk. Dogs pulling joggers on leashes.

She wondered what they were all thinking, what their lives were like beyond her limited view. Even the houses across the street, with their closed mouth doors and wide-eyed windows, must have their stories.

And she longed to join them, to ask them, to share their world.

But, a half an inch of glass separated their lives from hers. That, and the hospital bed she would never again leave.

So, she watched. All the while, her heart longing to be free, free to walk on the wild side of her own impenetrable window.

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