An Alternate Reality

Winter Lament

What is that in the southern sky?
A reflective orb? A UFO?
I know I’ve seen it somewhere before
I can’t recall just when.

What is that on my window sill?
A whitish streak, a yellow glow.
I used to know what it was called,
but now – I just don’t know.

What is that shining in my eyes?
It’s warm and comforting somehow.
I haven’t felt it in such a long time,
yet it feels so very familiar.

But wait! It’s gone, and I am sad.
I almost had it for a moment there.
I hope it comes to visit again.
My heart is lighter when it’s here.

Comments on: "Winter Lament" (1)

  1. Ha, love this! What is that yellow glow, indeed.

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