An Alternate Reality

Last year I planted Morning Glory seeds in a pot on my patio. I let the sun and the rain tend them, so, on their own they grew up and flowered. It made me happy to walk past every day and see their lovely colors. Eventually they faded and died away, so I pulled out their vines and let the pot lay dormant for the winter. 

This year other seeds fell into the pot and I let the sun and rain tend them as well. They grew into a various assortment of flowering weeds and grasses. Still, it made me so happy to walk past and see their healthy growth. 

And then, I noticed a vine growing up the neighbor’s fence, across the walkway from my pot. Before too long it flowered — with Morning Glories the same color as mine. Every day when I walked past I’d see more and more, growing farther up the fence. 

I know those are my Morning Glories because they greet me with a smile, somewhat mocking my gardening skills and laughing at their escape from my pot. 

I laugh too. They didn’t get very far and I can still enjoy their joyful flowers. Ah, the glory of Morning Glories!

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    Sometimes letting Nature take its course leads to surprises we could never have imagined.

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