An Alternate Reality


There are days I can handle the pressure.
There are days at the top of my game.
There are days when I can’t do a bad thing.
here are days when “Success” is my name.

 And then there are the meltdowns… 

On those days all I touch falls to ashes.
On those days everything goes to hell.
On those days all my fears and frustrations
drop me into a dark, stinking well. 

So I cry and I wail and I curse God.
And I stamp both my feet like a child.
And I swear I won’t ever be happy
’cause my life is just something reviled. 

But then…it passes.

And I start to see life in a new light
where the fear and frustration seem small.
And though I had suffered a meltdown
I survived, and that’s saying it all.

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