An Alternate Reality

The Proverbial Wall

There are walls to hold things up
and walls to keep things out. 

There are walls we climb
and walls we bang our heads against. 

Walls can close in.
Walls can come crashing down. 

Athletes hit walls.
Ghosts walk through walls. 

We hang things on walls.
We run into walls.

Ancient architects built a wall through China and around Jericho.
Communists built a wall across Berlin. 

We wail at walls
and memorialize wars on walls. 

We build walls around our hearts.
We tear down walls in the name of freedom. 

Walls are symbols of our power.
Walls are keepers of our safety.

 But, mostly walls are just walls,
maybe brick, maybe stone, maybe paper and plywood.

 We bring to them what we will
and leave a little of ourselves upon them when we go.

Comments on: "The Proverbial Wall" (1)

  1. This is beautiful! I love reading your poems and coming away with new insights.

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